The Team

Our team consists of detectives and members, when room in the group allows. The detectives hold the most experience on our team in paranormal research and investigation. Our members are dedicated and possess various special skills required for certain cases. We do this at no charge and around our normal day jobs. Our group is more like family and we care deeply about the paranormal.


Dr. Jean-Pierre Giagnoli

Founder/ Lead Detective/ Parapsychologist

Jean-Pierre was always interested in the paranormal. At a young age he started to experience unexplainable things and as he matured he decided it to take it a step further. So, in high school he started a group with Adam which is now known as The Southern California Paranormal Detectives. Jean-Pierre considers himself an entertainer. He acts, raps/vocals/produces hip-hop, and many genres. He also does Stand-up Comedy, Improv, and the paranormal of course. He has received his Ph.D. in Parapsychology from Progressive Universal on the east coast and undergraduate studies at Cerritos College and Cal State Fullerton with a focus in Psychology and Metaphysics. His entertainment ventures have earned him skills in Audio and Video knowledge to use within the group. He recently began to guest lecture and work closely with Chapman University, along with his team.


Staff Sgt Adam Cadabona

Co-Founder/ Lead Detective/ Aviation Background

 (Currently located in Oklahoma)

Adam  has been interested in the paranormal for as long as he can remember. It wasn't until high school, when he teamed up with Jean-Pierre, to investigate and research it. Adam is currently attending school part time studying in Technical Management and is serving active duty in the United States Air Force. He is stationed at Tinker AFB in Oklahoma as an aircraft electrician. His knowledge of aviation helps on the technical side and also on UFO and conspiracy cases.


Roxanne Johnson

Detective/ Head Researcher

 (Currently located in Nevada)

Roxanne  contacted us in the early days of S.C.P.D. with some interesting photos from a club that she went to. When we met, it was like we knew each other for a long time and she left an impression on us. She has been with us since. She has great research skills and has spearheaded bringing in trigger objects to investigations. Being a mother of two she brings in great insight and instincts on cases that involve children.


German Sanchez

Detective/ Video & Film Background

German began studying the “Paranormal Phenomenon” at a early age, not only hauntings but other Paranormal subjects as well (thanks to "Mysteries of mind space and time" for the articles on unexplained phenomenon). While attending Cerritos College he met S.C.P.D. founder (Jean-Pierre) and they discussed paranormal events during Radio Production classes. German soon joined the group and while attending Cerritos College he studied Video Production and graduated from Los Angeles Film School, where he studied Editing, Sound design, and Screenwriting. Currently, German is working on many projects and is still working on the technical side with S.C.P.D.


 Marcello Giagnoli

Detective/ Medium

Marcello is Jean-Pierre’s younger brother. He joined S.C.P.D. when it was starting out and amazed everyone, when he would describe what had occurred at a location without prior knowledge and any research. Marcello is kept blacked out from information when going to investigate and picks up historical information, spirits that may be attached to the land, objects, or people. His abilities work through ghosts, UFO’s, and conspiracy cases that we have gone to investigate. Marcello has received his AA in Literature, Creative Writing, and Liberal Arts at Long Beach City College. He has also received his BA in Creative Writing and Literature. He enjoys Running, Writing, and reading. Marcello also goes through the audio, and takes notes during the investigations.


  Eddie Banuelos

Detective/ Tech Manager/ Skeptical Believer

 Eddie was interested in the paranormal and when we brought him on a public investigation he showed us that his technical background was incredible and really fit well with the group and how we did things. His knowledge and expertise from working with low voltage and system installations has brought some great investigative skills to the team. He also maintains equipment, upgrades and fixes any bugs we might encounter or have. Being somewhat of a skeptic he challenges us at times as well.


 Danielle Giagnoli

 Detective/ Photographer/ Native American Consultant

Danielle is Jean-Pierre's wife and since she can remember she has been interested in the paranormal. She dreamed of growing up and being Dana Skully from X-Files. She recalls having an imaginary friend when she was little and she came to find out that the boy she played with was not so imaginary and her family could not explain it to a child. She is half Navajo, raised with the culture and stories past down to each generation. She has a a lot knowledge of their myths/ legends. She has also had many personal experiences on the Navajo Reservation herself with ghosts and other worldly creatures. She brings a lot to the team with her photography skills and Native American background. She would love to find evidence of such things and the truth behind them.